Working-Knowledge is the copy shop, design bureau, research practice, publishing arm, idea, and quasi-hobby of Christopher Roeleveld.

WK r1.1

Working-Knowledge publishes under the W--K Editions imprint, and seeks to explore the possibilities of graphic design as a facility in service of:
  • Publishing
  • Industry
  • Applied design
  • Pedagogy
  • Self-organization
  • Culture & culture-making
Recent work and studio notes


In the last week of 2014 Working–Knowledge moved it's studio* to Brooklyn. Printing and publishing activities are on ice for the time being. . . stay tuned. I'm currently working on a book for the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, a few digital projects (more on that soon), the next issue of Dilettante and possibly a really rad cookbook ^__^

More or less. . .the Riso is making it's way here, though.

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355 North Laflin St.
Studio 602
Chicago, IL 60607